3 thoughts on “Van Heek Park, Enschede #4/5

  • I find your minimalist, solitary compositions of mature trees and park settings to be a source of interest to me.. hope to see more from you .. :)

    • First of all thank you for your kind words. As for this series, there’s one more coming the 8th (they are autoposted two days apart). After that its some more colorful stuff. and when those are finished it’s probably back to medium format B&W..
      Hope it all lives up to your expectations..;-)

    • M expectations are only mine – taking a minimum approach to editing – and favoring monochrome.. I started with an Olympus OM2n and still use this same camera – along with a Nikon FTN, N90s, and more recently the Mamiya 645 proTL ..However most of what I post is from an earlier Nikon D2Xs. A heavy but fine camera for me.
      I like this image of yours for its soft atmosphere and it receding path,, and, of course the grand trees!!

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