Sony Alpha 65v

My current workhorse, the Sony A65. Mirrorless, build in GPS and the Minolta Antishake. Sure, it get’s a bit outdated by now, but for the time being, I’m happy with it.

Mamiya RB67

The latest addition to my camera collection, another medium format film camera. Really a brick, heavy but fully mechanical and with wonderful lenses. You can click on the Mamiya tag to see (some) photo’s made with this camera.

Polaroid Impulse Portrait

Another golden oldie. This one also still works and as I’m living in Enschede, The Netherlands it easy to get films from the “Impossible Project“. The photo next is not great, but being cheap I bought some over date film to check if the camera still worked. It does,...

Minolta Dynax 505si Super

The replacement for the Asahi Pentax, this one I also used again recently and it still works as expected. You can click on the 505si tag below to see (some) photo’s made with this camera.

Asahi Pentax Spotmatic

My first camera. I’ve recently used it again and it still works, that is, after a drip of oil in the mechanics. You can click on the Pentax tag to see (some) photo’s made with this camera.

Firefox not showing photo’s

And then I noticed that firefox didn’t show the photo’s. Sure, the rest of the text was there, but for some reason the wasn’t accepted, but was. After some research I saw a few option where things could go wrong: the “www” which is a cname in...


The first images I made with a digital camera. I still like those as the combine color, texture en form.