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Closeup of a white hydrangea with a vintage 55mm Super Takumar lens.

Florals 2/2

An other find in my garden.

Florals 1/2

Found in the garden. Still practisching with the new camera and lenses

Lammerinksw├Ânner 2020/3

A different point of view for a change. To bad the sky was rather boring…

Afternoon walk

A number of images I made during an afternoon walk in the golden hour.

A band of roses

A band of roses in the sunlight.

Little white flowers

Little white flowers against a dark backdrop.

Lammerinksw├Ânner 2020/2

An other image of the Lammerinksw├Ânner behind the waving grain.

Light in the water

A beam of light bursting through the green and lighting up a spot in the water


When out on a walk I saw some people walking between the trees against a light background which seemed right for a cool photo.So, the next day (and…