I’m a photographer from the Netherlands. Enschede, close to the German border, to be precise.
I’ve had a camera since I was some 12 years old and developed and printed my photo’s from not long after I started.
Getting older I stopped doing photography for a number of years. No time, too many other interests. Life as it was happening, until the end of the previous century when my first son was born.
So I picked up the camera again. At first, film, developing and printing, later digital, starting with a Canon Powershot G3, then moving via a Minolta 7D to my current Sony A65.

In parallel, I also picked up a Mamiya RB67 and started to work on medium format analogue film. Currently (as of the end of 2019) I also started to do my own developing of film.
Where in the beginning it was more about learning to make a decent photo, it’s now about getting a better quality of negative and the process and the chemistry behind it all.

Being able to use camera’s which were unreachable some 20-something years ago but which are affordable now is great and it makes for some very interesting times!