When I started to develop my own films once again, I also started using an app “Massive dev chart” to help me with the process and the timing.
One of the features of the app is that you can create (or adjust) your own recipes for developing a film and those recipes can be exported as a .mdc file.

I thought it a nice idea to be able to combine this information with the resulting images as a kind of documentation, somewhat comparable with the EXIF you sometimes see with digital images.

Using this opportunity to also learn a little about the new “Gutenberg” blocks which are used in WordPress 5.x and which are created using newer and more modern techniques.

So, the result of all this is a new plugin which adds a block to your Gutenberg editor. This block, which is just a big text field, you fill with the contents of a .mdc file and it will ask you to select which recipe you want to present.

You can also change the text as it will appear on the front-end. Save, and ready. The front-end will show the text and which you mouse over this text it will open up with the info of the selected recipe. See my film posts for examples

For now, the plugin isn’t on the WordPress plugin site yet. Consider it beta and let me know what you think. Use the “Plugins – Add New – upload plugin” to install.

So here are the goodies. After all, you made it all through to the end of the page!