Good to see you here!

Waterpaint image of meI’m a photographer from the Netherlands. Enschede, close to the German border, to be precise. I’ve had a camera since I was some 12 years old and developed and printed my photo’s from not long after I started.
Getting older I stopped doing photography for a number of years. No time, too many other interests. Life as it was happening, until the end of the previous century when my first son was born.
So I picked up the camera again. First film, developing and printing, later digital starting with a Canon Powershot G3.

These days I still do both, representing the different areas of photography I’m interested in and as it’s a hobby I can dabble in any subject I fancy.

As for there rest of the site, I’m not that much of a writer, so most photos have to speak for themselves. I tried to mark the images with a tag showing the camera used.
Under blog you will find some other stuff I like to share and prints redirects you to the sites where some of my work is available for sale. Photography is an expensive business…
There’s also an overview of the cameras I own and use. All are in working order and recently used!

Hope you enjoy your stay on my site and don’t hesitate to leave a comment or ask a question.



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