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First mushroom of the season

It’s very early but as I had seen a few mushrooms along the road I went to one of my usual spots. Not much there though, but this…

A few more flowers

White star

An other floral closeup.

Three stars

Some more of these purple flowers.

Early starter

The first to flower in a pot full of flowers. I liked the colors.

Poppy, near the end

More or less one of the last poppies in my garden. Beauty isn’t always in perfection.

Purple flower

I love the bokeh on this one. Soft and smooth.

More dimorphotheca ecklonis

Twice the amount of the previous image that is.

Red flowers

Don’t know the name, but they are quite beautiful.Taken with the Tamron 90mm F/2.8 macro


Just some sunflowers in the neighborhood.