Long-time ago, I was around 16, I bought my first camera. An Asahi Pentax Spotmatic with a Super-Takumar 55mm 1.8 lens.

I was young and didn’t know… didn’t appreciate…

Fast forward (in more than one way) until nowadays. I ran into an article singing the praise of vintage lenses and the Takuma 55mm. I have a converter m42 to A-Mount so I mounted the lens on my Alpha-65v and took two test shots with the result below: Very sharp and the colours, especially the first image, are great with a vintage feel.

Can’t wait to shoot some more with this lens.

It’s a wonderful time where medium format camera’s, which were once unreachable, are cheap, high-quality vintage lenses are available for fairly little money and one can mix and match between digital and analogue.