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Red poppies

An other flower shot while on a walk in the neighborhood.

Orange threesome

Never saw these flowers before, but they are a very nice shade of salmon? Orange?

Around the house

As we’re still being in quarantine, I’m just making photo’s around the house. This one I liked, especially for its colours.

A touch of colour

As found, no desaturation or processing was needed. Just gray tiles and grayed out wood exposing a touch of colour in a gray surrounding.

Nature is messy

Quietly processing some more images with the new camera.

Lammerinksw├Ânner 2020

An other image of the Lammerinksw├Ânner nearby. Basic landscape, but still playing with my new camera.


Another shot with my new a7iii, as the light was very hard I’ve converted this one into black and white (as planned. It has lots of structure and…

New camera

First light for my new (digital) camera.

Spring 2020

And what a spring it is. After a month in the house with just occasional shopping I decided to go for a ride om my bike and take…

Vintage lens (Super-Takumar 55 f/1.8)

Long-time ago, I was around 16, I bought my first camera. An Asahi Pentax Spotmatic with a Super-Takumar 55mm 1.8 lens. I was young and didn’t know… didn’t…